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Why SNC's Experimental Kitchen?

Hi there!


I’m Sharon, a foodie and technology consultant who is passionate about cuisine and cooking.


What began as a hobby in my teens cooking for my family and friends became a ritual of discovering new cuisines to experiment with. I have always been fascinated with the process of creating cuisines from diverse cultures no matter how difficult they maybe. It is also a passion of mine to be able to share these discoveries with my family, friends and the community.


Hence, SNC’s Experimental Kitchen a.k.a SNCXKitchen was created to do just that; share food discoveries, delicious and visually appealing plant-based recipes that are inspired by food cultures from round the world.

Why Plant-based Cuisine?

My culinary adventure since my teenage years has led me to try a wide variety of ingredients. These ingredients range from fruits and vegetables to meat as well as dairy. As time went by however, I found myself consuming exclusively plant-based ingredients eliminating meat and dairy all together for health and environmental reasons.


While many has taunt plant-based food to be boring, tasteless and limiting, I with many others have found plant-based cuisine to be the total opposite i.e. exciting, scrumptious and vast. Through this space, I hope you will find plant-based cuisine to be diverse, inventive, fascinating and delightful.


What Can I Find Here?

Recipes, food tips and tricks and more! There are many more exciting events to come. Stay tune!